As an eco-friendly company, BGR is well aware of its role as sustainability steward and duly acknowledges the challenges of climate change.

BGR is an Indian Mining Company, Specialized in OB Removal, Coal, Lignite Extraction and Transportation. Recently it has Entered into arena of Mine Developer and Operator (MDO) in mining industry. We serve thermal coal operations in 15 sites across regions in India. This also creates a definite strategic advantage for our production and output values.

With an impressive track record of Open Cast Coal Mining (Removal of over burden and coal Extraction) projects, we now have our eyes set on the next stage.


2015 was a memorable year for us, thanks to two notable accolades-

  1. Setting a new record during the Annual Safety Week Meet.
  2. Restored a portion of the mined lands into rang elands and wetlands, along with planting about 1000 trees towards our commitment to a greener, cleaner ecosystem.
  3. Achievements of Annual Turnover of 242.483 Million USD$